With Design Assist or Design Build, our general contractor Thad Devier will manage your construction project starting with the architectural phase, which will save you both time and money. Typically, a client approaches a commercial contractor with the plans from their architect in hand. At Devier Enterprises, we encourage you to come to Thad, the builder, first. This avoids the painful step of falling in love with an architect’s design that needs to be modified, sometimes significantly, for a variety of reasons (cost, space constraints, permitting, etc). If you let us work with the architect through the design process as a team, you will save time, money, and potential heartache.

Reasons to use Devier Design Assist Services:

  • Early Knowledge of Costs – Construction costs are estimated during the design process rather than after, eliminating costly and time-consuming design alterations at such a late phase in the process.
  • Cost Savings – Value engineering begins in the design phase and continues through construction. Design and construction teams work in tandem to evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods efficiently and accurately.
  • Time Savings – Design and construction can occur simultaneously, even before the development of final construction documents. For example, demolition may begin once the demolition documents are complete, long before permit drawings are finished.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden – Under the traditional contracting approach, the client must arbitrate between the architect and contractor throughout the project. With the design/build process, communication is simplified:  the client has one firm to work with.
Design Build Flow Chart for Devier Enterprises, LLC
Design Build Flow Chart for Devier Enterprises, LLC

You can view this image in a higher resolution .pdf here.

At Devier Enterprises, LLC, the premier general contractor in the Gulf South based in the New Orleans metro area, we do things the Devier Way – the way commercial construction should be done.